Penulisan Seorang Putera ??? tajuk cm skema je ek.. hehe..ape2 pun, hope korang x boring menyemak kt cnie... 1 more, SELAMAT DATANG !!! ;) welcome 2 da zone !

lame aku x update blog nie,well a lot of busy..tgok la count kt sebelah 2.. juz around da corner..ari nie aku bersyukur sgt, cz Dia kembali kan separuh hidup aku yang hilang..

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for the rest of my life

I praise Allah for sending u my love,
u found me home and sail with me,
N i'm here with u,
now let me let u know,
i was thinking that love was wrong,
and everything was change when u came along,
and theres a couple words i want to say,

for the rest of my life,
i'll be with u,
i'll stay by your side honest and true,
till the end of my time,
i'll be loving u..loving u..

for the rest of my life,
thru days and nights,
i;ll thanks Allah for open my eyes,
now and forever i, i'll be there for u..

i know that deep in my heart now that u're here,
infront of me strongly feel love,
and have no doubt,
and i singing loud that i'll love u eternally

yana dh kembali..sekarang ea x ade kt malaysia, ea wat treatment kt luar negara, aku happy sangat bila dapat msg dari yana.. aku bersyukur sangat, cz penantian aku selama nie x sia2.. hanya Allah yang faham perasaan aku mase aku menulis blog nie.. Spm juz around the corner, hope she'll be there for me.. as my inspiration..

Lyana Laily, i love u so ur love give me a strength, close for the Creator, guide me from the darkness, by giving us His love.. i love u because of Him..


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